Where is my Wii…

Our Wii is being repaired.  I believe there were two discs stuck in it at the time, which are not broken and a laser, which was.  The cost of £29.00 has been met and last Thursday, it went off to the repair workshop.

So Nintendo, where is my Wii?!  What is taking so long?  Why must I be forced to watch iPlayer on my computer when I could be using my Wii?!  Pah.

So, rant over – I got Sonic and the Black Knight for my birthday.  I’ve not yet played it, much to my disappointment.  In fact, my Brother in Law the younger, Clive, has played it more than I have.  I want to play it, but c’est la vie – I shall have to have more patience…

… until tomorrow morning when their call centre opens and I can phone them to bug them about it 🙂

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