What happened

Its been a bit of time since my appointment, mostly to allow me to digest some outcomes and filter some of the bits that need to be excluded because, although nice to hear, are superfluous.

Starting with the niceties: blood pressure 128/81. I am (and I quote) “a thin chap”. I have a pulse.

The really niceties: no biopsy.

That is where it ended, really. I am now being referred for nerve conduction test, a needle EMG (what’s one of those please?) and my old friends at physio.

I think this whole thing hit MBW harder. Its almost a negative session, even though I walked out o… Wheeled out of there with not having to have a biopsy. But essentially, they tell you that you’re doing well, keep eating those greens, pat you on the back but there will be no more news today – that cure hasn’t quite been finished or even started yet. The best I can get is some CPK markers and a few tests. Its hard to see any positive in that.

But for me, its good to know I’m more mobile than most, doing ok and medical science will leave the slicing and dicing for another day.

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