Weight Gain 4000

sp_0102_08_v6BEEFCAKE! BEEFCAKE!

Happily, I’m not Cartman, nor am I on WeightGain 4000.  But I am trying to “Bulk up”.  Well, simply gain a bit of weight if I’m honest.  But weight gain is a problem for me.

This morning, I took an odd moment and stood on the scales.  I don’t do that often. The numbers began to flick about more than the departure boards at London Liverpool Street.

Usually those numbers would begin with an 8 – a 7 is bad news…


A freaking 9.  I’m happy already.


Woooah there – I suspect these are faulty.  This is showing well.


Ladies and gentlemen – I am officially Beefcake.  I weigh more than I have done in ages.

But why is it difficult for me to gain the weight?  Not sure.  I know most people with Muscular Dystrophy will gain weight, but I find it hard to keep it on.  Trust me though, I’m not complaining – its probably helping me out in the long run.  But it is nice to weigh something again.

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