Uncertainty in a procurement exertion

I’m not sure how this is usually meant to go… I have never been offered a serious choice in this type of change. I recall feeling really proud, strong, masculine (?) (manly?) in the champion. I really felt comfortable in the Xenon but I didn’t feel like I could always move truly like me… But almost something else.

I entered this process knowing it would be difficult. I think I probably had my heart set on a Xenon-esq sporty chair. Actually, I will probably end up with something a lot more sedate but ultimately comfortable.

But musing this over doesn’t change an underlying common element: I feel drained from this and very uncertain. Am I reading too much into the details? Probably. Am I wrong to do so? I think not. I am choosing a new pair of legs. I’ll be damned if this is going to be taken lightly.

At the moment, the champion is beating the Xenon. In a part though, its also down to how Sunrise have treated this potential new chair – I have not yet felt like they are serious about it, there is no attempt to make this experience about me, rather than being a pain in the backside.

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