If you are a manual wheelchair user, you will appreciate this. You will understand frustrations.

My hands are my propulsion to my wheels. No, my little phone, not my eureka, my wheels. Don’t try to correct me. My hands will meet with the rim and sometimes tyres as they take each revolution. My arms and shirt sleeves will also sometimes meet.

The tyres meet the floor. The floor provides friction. The friction means I move.

This is all what I consider to be essential process. If you are playing Buzz Word Bingo, you count essential process as one.

Letting your animal use the pavement as a toilet is not essential process. You and many before you might have been allowing this to go on for many years. Those considerate of you (and I thank you for this) will pick up after your pet. I appreciate that.

The rest of you owe me a new shirt. Club together very quickly and ask me how you can get it to me.

Mean time, I’m rather annoyed. It was a nice white shirt. I’m going to put the wheels through the hot shower…

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