Mentally projecting who you are forms part of what we are. It is probably rooted into some form of deeper psychological study that I can’t warrant time spent this morning, not because it doesn’t interest me but in fact is the basis of the real meat of this entry.

I often visualise what I will do to best plan my way through something or somewhere. Be it from the station in Chelmsford to my desk or from a point to point I’ve never done before, I try to road map things. In it I’ll ensure my journey is simple, appear effortless and is the most effective solution to my common goal: arrival.

So, when I actually apply the journey and traverse the route, I will end as composed as I can. I don’t like being unprepared.

With this comes my chair looking right. If I look like I’m using something from the red cross I feel like I’m not – me. Who I am, as a person. I am proud that my chair looks smart, clean, loved, used – its part of who I am.

But changing this, I’m wondering if it will change me. I’m wondering if the chair looks more medical, will I behave differently when using it, physically? It if looks less medical, will I look or be any different? Its a question I should probably think about.

What happens if I no longer have light up wheels? What happens if I no longer use my feet to steer or otherwise?

There are plenty of these sort of questions I’m wondering because I want to know:

Will I change my physical behaviour because of a physical change influencing my tulpa?

Is this a question we should all ask ourselves? Is this the same as a new pair of shoes or trousers?

Or is it a lot of pontificating rubbish?

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