The Thursday Theory

Thursday’s have a habit of being crap.  In fact, usually – they’re shit.  I was in a fairly shit mood this morning, mostly because for two nights running I’d been late home and had minimal sleep again.  A sound off to the station manager about the fact that I’m personally suffering, which I think has probably pissed people off but oh well…

Then MBW phones to tell me she’s bumped the car… thankfully she and the girls are all ok – it’s the perils of a horrible car park.  Damage is minimal and frankly, I’d rather damage to the car than to any of the gals inside.  But it means another insurance claim… oh well.  Time to save some cash up, I think.

Anyway, oddly, from there it got better… some of my colleagues in the office think it’d be a good idea to fund raise to buy a Molten Rock Boma.  We need some ideas but a session at the pub might sort that one out.

The reason I’d like one is because I want to take the girls out to the beach or round a country park… and I independently cannot do that.  It’s difficult because being a father, I want to be able to do the fun stuff after they become toddlers.  Hence – I’d love a Boma.

But I’ve saved the best bit until last… Nuzzle was having a cuddle and play with me, whilst Scratch was sat on MBW… but she wanted to join in – so she commando crawled over the sofa to give Nuzzle a big kiss!  This is one of the things I love about being Daddy – the crawling to join me, to play and have some fun together…   They both enjoyed a lovely play which made my day, frankly.  Daddy rules.

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