The sentimental correlation

It has finally clicked for me – the final “worry” for me.

When giving up an old chair, you are giving up more than a pair of legs. You are giving up a suit and armour too. This chair has experienced all my battles of the last 5 years or more. But let me cover it for you.

I got married in that chair. I carried my wife across the threshold in it. I held all three of my children for the first time in it. I carried all 3 in my front on that chair, although not at the same time. I have been in some of my darkest corners in it and had some of my loudest laughs with it.

it has been on board planes, trains, buses, boats, cars, vans, trucks – it was with me when I got my current job and it even wished me good luck.

This chair has been part of my very busy life and seen so much with me.

I remember wheeling through to the SCBU with Monkey. I remember racing hospital corridors when Nuzzle and Scratch were transferred from Great Yarmouth to Colchester and following them about.

I remember MBW and I having a dance with this chair. I remember how we would go on the train when courting. I remember us walking into our first home and our current home. Christmas and being given light up wheels. Cooking countless dinners. Going on dates.

Its not just giving up a pair of legs. I’m giving up the legs that carried me through all of the above.

That’s the final part. And now I know, I can move forward. Probably going very fast…

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