The Seated Principle

I never imagined it could actually be this difficult – well, I’ll re-put that – I knew this would involve a change but actually I think its dawning on me.

I have, for five years, been using a chair that has been fantastic – light for its time, supportive, quick, smooth, comfortable. 

And now I am facing a change because I know that the chair is not as light as it was, nor am I as strong as I was.  I think they say recognising something is half the battle?  I don’t know if I’d agree. 

I’ve written about how this will affect the way in which I will move, how I perceive myself to be – but I didn’t write about the psychological.  The fact is that there are possibly two chairs to consider.  I’ll write about those in a moment, but there is one thing bugging me: am I really ready to change the way I move?

I would like to think I am but at the same time I am worried I won’t adapt – what if I crash the chair within a week – what if I cannot get the same performance from it – a whole world of what-ifs.  A chair, such as the type I am looking at, is very expensive.  Would I feel right if I said yes to something, moved forward and then found it to be futile?

Its itching at my head.

Anyway – there are two chairs under consideration – the Küschall Champion and the Sunrise Quickie Xenon.  I tried the Champion today.  It was different – it was very smooth compared to my chair, very comfortable.  It was incredibly light – the centre of gravity set up quite well.  It moved smoothly and quickly.  It was bucketed, cushioning me nicely and I actually felt comfortable in how I moved. 

And (kick me here) it did look good. 

But we’ve not said yes yet – the next bit is to try out the Xenon and Champion in my own life – to see how they would fit around my home. 

Anyway – have a look at these links:

Küschall Champion

Quickie Xenon

Tell me what you think.

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