The Saturday Equilibrium

Saturday, when it began, kicked off with my loading some dance music tracks into the car (for the record: Calvin Harris “All the Girls”, “Flashback”, “Ready for the Weekend”; Michael Gray “The Weekend”; Faithless “Why Go”, “Flowerstand Man” and Klea “Tic Toc” all featured).  Why?  Monkey and I needed a boogie, MBW wanted to go shopping and Nuzzle and Scratch… actually, they didn’t want to wake up this morning and were more than happy for another snooze.  Loading everyone in the Canyonero, we made it as far as the Wicked Witch of the East’s to unload a car seat for her, when a smell emitted from Scratch’s car seat.  Cue a return home to change her clothing as well as a nappy before we got on the road and headed up to Sainsburys.  By the time we had got to Sainsburys Monkey had learnt to do alternate arm waving and “winding the bobbin up”…

Usually, when we head to the supermarket the youngest two end up in the trolley but I suggested a change and a change we had – Nuzzle on my front in the Beco, Scratch in the Ocha on MBW’s front and Monkey in the trolley.  Despite a long wait for food at the café and crap food when it arrived (the staff all looked like they’d been on a major bender until 05:00), we had fun doing a shop…

I love babywearing anywhere though – I’d probably have no shame in baby wearing someone elses baby – I enjoy a light little person tucked into my jacket… I went for a quick wander around the store and as I did, Nuzzle dropped off to sleep, which meant she was nicely relaxed for a trip home and some dinner.

On the way home Monkey and I practised the Head Nodding and pushing Arms to the Sides, we quickly popped in to Curry’s to replace Monkeys broken DVD player and got home in good time.  Scrub the kitchen down, cook a spag bol – everyone happy by 18:00.

Now it’s time for MBW to watch X-Factor and here I am tappity tapping into this.

Next entry is actually one about the book I’ve just finished… cracking.

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