The rolling with propulsion amendment experiment

I have been told some good news – the Sunrise Xenon, which is the other serious competitor to the Champion, has arrived at the dealership (who have been helping me with demo vehicles).

I’m back to being nervous about the chair again, as I have been back in my old ways in using my own chair again. Monkey seemed quite disappointed that I had gone back to the one, because she wasn’t allowed to use the Champion – she quite liked having a foot bar to stand on when required and has asked since if I can lower the footplates on my own (this, the one I am sat in right now) to offer her a place to stand.

When I pick it up tomorrow, I’ll be on a train in minutes to go to work, so it will be a straight jump into the action. I hope that this chair will be able to handle it…

The other thing I’m hoping, is that this chair folds as nicely or nicer still than the champion. It was a pleasure to have a reduced boot load (so MBW told me).

So, excited, nervous… Here’s hoping.

2 thoughts on “The rolling with propulsion amendment experiment

  1. Ooo decisions decisions Dominoink! You really need to wait for some snow and ice to test out how it handles in difficult conditions though don’t you?!

    And can you do the old balance on the 2 back wheels thing with it! Like I used to do “back in the day”.

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