The Paediatric Health Field

So, I’ve complained a lot in the past week or two about my biopsy.  It’s healing nicely, by the way.  However, I have not really said much about Scratch, mostly because those I’ve really wanted to tell whats going on to, I do so over the phone or email.

Scratch hasn’t been well for some time – she’s had a very distended belly, especially after sugar (especially fruit sugars) and other problems that have shown she’s not a well girly…

Right now she is having an Endoscopy and other tubes looking in her in places that give me shivers to think about, quite honestly, as well as a gastric tube being inserted for a barium test tomorrow.

Its difficult, in one part, to know how to tell you what is going on when I don’t fully know it myself.  The doctors, too, are not sure and obviously working towards trying to find out.  All I know is that she is in the right place, where the specialists of the specialisers are and that she is getting the attention she deserves. 

The other part of me worries for MBW, who with her own health problems, is putting herself on the back burner to watch over Scratch. 

So, forgive me if my tweets appear half-in-tune or my facebook is fairly cryptic.  Its not you, its me.

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