The Omnibus Prism

On a day that I was happily taking photos, some serious shit happened.  The reason I took the photos was to show someone and the rest of the world some additions and changes to my little bus world on my desk and since the day that time stood still, as it is henceforth to be known, I’ve not felt like writing the post.

But I’m writing it because someone else I know is going to appreciate this and I’m going to write it if it fucking kills me to do so. 


This is a Mercedes Citaro – in the GreenLine 724 livery, designed by Ray Stenning’s company Best Impressions. 

This is a first version Mercedes Citaro, noted by the fact that the front lights have coloured indicator lenses, the rear are two part (red and orange) and the bus is a 54 reg.  BU06 HSD is a recent acquisition and a local bus to me – as it comes in to Harlow.  DDA compliant, the bus also has a luggage rack for those going to and from the airport.


The other thing about this bus is that it does not have a Driver Defence Screen fitted – unlike the other airport Series 7 Citaro – and is ran by Arriva along the route.  You can actually use an Interlink Explorer ticket on the route – which ends at Uxbridge.

Struggling to think of what else to tell you about this one – moving on! 


YN04 YJT is another bus with a local connection.  In the livery I have, it is a dual door vehicle running for Uni-Link (Accord) in Southampton.  However, this vehicle, in its current guise, is now single door, red and yellow, working for Nibs Buses of Wickford.  It originally worked the U1A route (as it is on my model) before moving to Essex.  This model, for notes, is unique in my fleet as it has steering front wheels. 

So – there are two recent new vehicles to my fleet. 

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  1. Where do you get your models from Dom? My boy loves all things automotive but there’s only so many Eddie Stobart lorries I can buy him!

    Much love, PC

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