The Modernisation Principle

Some of you who know me in real life know that I have an HP Tablet PC.  I like it, it has touchscreen and is nice and small,  light enough for me to lift and use. 

However, the charger socket on it has broken.  I think this is on its last legs, but as its 3 years old, I’m confident that I’ve looked after it. 

I have some options – a Lenovo, a Fujitsu or the wildcard – an Alienware M11x.  There are some core elements I need to evaluate, obviously.  I’m going to ignore Price though – if I want the right one, I have to save up.  However, for the note – the Lenovo is cheaper, the Alienware and then the Fujitsu.

Feature Lenovo Fujitsu Alienware
Core i5 tick-icon 520M tick-icon560M tick-icon2467M 1.6Ghz 
Max RAM 8GB 8GB 16GB
Screen size 12.1” 12.1” 11.1”
Touchscreen tick-icon tick-icon cross-icon
Swivel Screen tick-icon tick-icon cross-icon
Mouse Trackpad/Pointer Trackpad Trackpad
Weight 1.6kg 1.8kg 2.0kg
DVD drive cross-icon tick-icon cross-icon
Docking Station available? tick-icon tick-icon cross-icon
Built in Webcam cross-icon tick-icon tick-icon
HD? cross-icon tick-icon tick-icon
Battery 4-Cell 6-Cell 8-Cell

Now, looking at everything, there are two points to think about.  The first is, do I really need a DVD drive?  When you consider how much I keep putting on a memory stick, probably not.  Secondly, do need 16GB of RAM? No.  Do I use a webcam?  Not really, no.  Do I even need HD?

So, why should I go for anything more expensive than the Lenovo? Do I really enjoy the touchscreen that much that I’d use the it often?  Possibly. 

Finally though – is the battery going to be enough?  Should I consider getting a machine that can offer me more battery time? 

Thoughts welcome.

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