The Informed Travel Hypothesis

It’s all very well me getting a new wheelchair to improve my independence (but not the one shown here!).  I reckon although I’ll get further on my own, there is still something that is important, which is having confidence in getting somewhere in the first place.

Locally, I live in the peace of mind that Essex County Council is installing raised curbs at bus stops to improve access but when I want to travel further afield, what then?

Some people may recall that in the summer I took part in something called ‘Free Traveller’ where I carried out some journeys with Chris Parker of Loughborough University.  The idea is to combine both amateur (user) views on transport and the provider supplied information to offer the best of both.

free-travellerSo, with all the information that Chris gathered on the journeys from all the different users who took part, he put together a survey to find out what works, what doesn’t work and what is useful. 

However, now he needs to know what you think of the information.  By visiting you can take part in the survey and offer him your thoughts.  In return, there is £150 up for grabs in a prize drawer… think of all the bus journeys you could do with £150!

I’ve already filled mine in… twice. Please share the link with other wheelchair users and encourage them to take part – who knows, this project could make the difference between wondering if a journey is going to be a nightmare and knowing that the nightmare can be avoided.

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