The homogeneous solution of MBW

MBW – My Beautiful Wife.   Sometimes she drives me up the wall but most of the time she does something I cannot do without regular support – she is Mum to our wonderful children she bore for me.

You see, she always sees to the girls during the night so I can sleep for work the next day, looks after the kids during the day, cooks dinner for when I get in and then together we’ll get the children off to sleep before hopefully a quick snuggle before bed.

But it doesn’t often happen like that but somehow she copes with it, sorting out Monkey, Nuzzle and Scratch with all their needs.

And then there is the other half of the solution, where she is my wonderful wife.  She cares for me, does what I need doing, helps me where I can’t help myself and asks for nothing but my love back in return… and the occassional bottle of Baileys!  But she does it all selflessly and with little complaint.

I’ve typed this whilst she was at Tesco and during the tappity tappity, Monkey woke with a night terror and teething pain… she had a cuddle with me on the sofa and when MBW got home, MBW picked her up and cuddled her, put her to bed and is now getting excited about Christmas.

She missed Christmas for our two youngest and I don’t think I say often enough of how proud I am of her strength over those weeks in hospital.  She looked after them brilliantly and missed out on her Christmas for them.  Because of this, this year she is getting a double whammy extra long Christmas.  I just hope I can make it that little bit extra special for her.

So, that is the mixed solution that is My Beautiful Wife.  I don’t know what I’d do without her…

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