The heated area in relation to motion

I have never been a fan of heating things up without necessity.  Coffee requires heating.  So do jacket potatoes.  Pasta.  Coke doesn’t. Neither does salt and vinegar crisps.  Car seats (or wheelchair seats). 

Or so I thought.

I confess that this morning I put a heated towel on my wheelchair to sit on after my shower (its a second one, because I put one around me on so that I don’t sit my bare bum on the cushion – its just not done).  Anyway – both heated.

I had my shower and had that freezing jet of air hit me as I stagger out of the wet area.  I then put a warm towel around me and sat with on the second…

Oh my gosh. Oh wow. Oh – yes.

This should be an option on all wheelchairs – heated seat first thing on a cooler morning.

Oh yes.


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