The Emotional Arrest

This morning I learnt of something that is quite honestly devastating.  Someone who I consider to be one of life’s awesome people, purely on his taste of hobbies alone…

I can’t describe what I’m feeling – nor can I imagine what his family is going through. 

I sat in my bed for a moment… and I remembered one of my favourite stories about him, that was about his future – a meeting with an official someone or other.  And they asked him:

“What three things are most important to you in your life?” [these can relate to any aspect of your life – aspirations, outcomes you wish to achieve or things you are keen to maintain or be able to do again.]
“what things are important to you? …”
“What is important to you? It can be anything at all… Have a think…Is it your mum and dad? Or your family?”
“Can you think of one thing to start off with?”
“Bus spotting.”
“Ah. That’s good. Can you think of anything else that’s important to you?”
“Lorry spotting.”
“Brilliant. One more thing…”
“Coach spotting.”

and it makes me grin every time.

As far as his mark on the wider world, I daresay the best is yet to come.  But for now…

Words can’t describe what I am thinking. 

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