The Depot Conundrum

I haven’t written much about the depot yet.  I somehow feel that this is going to end up taking more of a life of its own than I currently have, so perhaps I should introduce you to a few of the vehicles…


LK07 CCN – Fleet number 64035.  A Firstgroup vehicle, operating the BAA Sponsored service “Series 7”, between Heathrow and Windsor.

This is a Euro V vehicle (in real life, at least) and is DDA Compliant.  However, the things I particularly like about LK07 CCN include the accurate detailing within, such as the additional luggage rack for those heading for flights.WP_20130111_008b

Other little bits about it include the DDA compliance (important for service vehicles in my fleet) and the rather neat driver protection screen, which sadly has become a necessity in suburban services.  This vehicle is one of two in the fleet with air conditioning, too.

WP_20130111_012bLJ56 ONH – Fleet number DP1.  This service vehicle is a Plaxton SLF Pointer 2 Dart.  Originally built by Transbus (which will appear more shortly), this vehicle operates route 441 – another BAA partnership service to Heathrow. 

DDA Compliant, this is a funky little bus that fits neatly down small streets and around sharp corners. 

WP_20130111_016bSN53 ETE – Fleet number 43840.  A recent acquisition from the South Wales Valleys, this little Transbus variant of the a Pointer 2 SLF Dart.  The SLF means “Super Low Floor”, of which this was one of the first serious contenders in the DDA compliant vehicle market.

This little bus actually still works in the Welsh valleys, however it was purchased for me by MBW for my little depot.  It is currently off the road, as Ammanford is a million miles from me.


So, these are a few of my vehicles for today.  I’ll have to write some more about the rest of the fleet as it develops.

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