The Deltoid Interjection

Shoulder-Muscles-DiagramThis morning I had a physio appointment with a not-so-usual physiotherapist.  Bruce is a Neuro Physiotherapist – meaning he is trained to help me try to keep my body as strong and as stable as possible. 

My previous experiences historically noted within the Neurology side of things, this is one has the potential to be of the nicer appointments.  Sadly, Bruce knows this and is not keen to let up.

We established that my Rotor Cuff and Deltoid shoulder muscles need a bit of concentrated work to get them to work out that they are a) there and b) to become more involved in when I move my arms.

How does this work though?  Its not actually rebuilding the muscle as sometimes physiotherapy can be.  Instead this is about trying to educate my nerves into keeping the signals going as long as possible. 

But there is a downside.  Some of these muscles are rarely used.  So, since I am waking these muscles and nerves up, this is probably going to hurt. 


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