The Commuting Genome

After a fairly good day (including an invitation to the UK Bus Awards and sorting out my train platform from Decembers timetable change), I was headed for the station and home.  I’m quite aware that the lift is out for the down line at Chelmsford… that’s Platform 2, in human speak – and the route during this outage for me to get onto the platform is via the business premises at the rear of the station, known as the “meat gate”.  However, when it really rains, this gate floods, and tonight it flooded up.  So, the options of a solution were:

  • train to Shenfield, change for Clacton
  • taxi to Witham, change for Clacton

Option B was taken up.  The time was 17:05 and the 17:15 didn’t stop at Witham, but there was a 17:49 from Witham.  Bingo, we thought and off I went.  Unfortunately, due to traffic on the A12 and heavy rain, as we pulled up, the 17:49 left.  Hacked off?  Oh yes.

I ended up on the 18:20 from Witham, when I should have been getting in my door… and arrived home at 19:20.  M’eh.

Lasagne for dinner, which kicked ass – just wish I could have been home for the first sitting.

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