The changing state phenomenon

I received a letter yesterday. Now, my first surprise is that I got a letter. Whoopie! Second of all, I got it from my neurologist.

In it he is telling a GP that he ia referring me to the muscle clinic at Queens, London. This is all very good but I now realise that I had been putting off the inevitable – the biopsy will no doubt happen and soon.

I don’t think that I am as inclined to worry as much now more than I did 6 months ago. Yes, I’m still petrified of an invasive procedure. No, I don’t like needles. However one main fear is that of change, a label. If it changes, where does that put me? At the moment, I’m listed as Muscular Dystrophy. Will I end up listed as something else?

It unnerving and unsettling. It took me long enough to get my head around this current diagnosis. Heck, it takes me omg enough to get a blood test! I think I’ve come to accept things might change and yes, change might be good but its still change.

I’m not very good with change. Or needles. Did I mention I don’t like needles?

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