The Champion Formula

011-SideSince I have been living with the Champion for a week, I figured a blog update was long overdue. Its been a busy week, so here you go – broken down for ease… I’m ignoring last weekend, as I was learning how it drove.  So, this is a brief outline of my week with it so far.  As an aside, I got back on Monday to find a cushion on my own chair and the brakes on – turns out Monkey had (and has been all week since) riding around in my chair with the cat – and running over her sisters.


I went to Stratford Domestic. On the way there, I found that with the bag on the back, the chair is prone to tip effect when the train gets a little wobbly. Wisely, I avoided any photos of myself, but I took the chair through the whole station, around the concourses, in the station office and up to Westfield.

sheila-tardisWeirdly, I didn’t try to use my feet and although I accepted some basic help, the chair was very easy to live with.  Sheila from National Express East Anglia did say that it was quite nippy, as well.  To say thanks, I took a photo of her by the Tardis that suddenly appeared outside…

On the way back, I called in to the office and dropped my bag off, where I suddenly gained a lot of momentum.  However, when I got home, I did find I couldn’t self disembark off the train – which leaves me in a slight pickle…


I was in the office on Tuesday, where I took an astronomical 5 minutes to go down the hill.  However, once in the office, I demonstrated to various colleagues about how the chair folded and how light it really is.  I found it a lot of work on my arms, where as before I combine my arms and legs. Additionally, my own cushion is getting quite hard in this chair – I wonder if it is because of the chairs position…


I worked from home – boy was I glad. I was shattered – and we had a new floor laid.  I can get the chair all around the house.


I took about 6 minutes to get down the hill. This was not an achievement.  However, I am beginning to get used to wheeling with just my arms rather than splitting the effort between legs and arms… I also tried out a couple of routes around Chelmsford centre with my mate Bruce.  Couldn’t self disembark again but never mind…


Spent the whole afternoon in the chair in a meeting – took me two hours to get uncomfortable… got on a crammed train to come home and thankfully, someone offered me the wheelchair space.  Still can’t self disembark but will work on that.

And this was my week with the demo chair so far – I’m going out tonight on a date with MBW whilst Monkey goes to Nanna and Granddad’s and the Contwingent go to see their Aunt.  I wonder if the chair will perform well socially, too… I had better go get ready!

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