Tailoring to the Project Principles

I passed my PRINCE2 foundation exam today… which kicked ass, to be honest.  I won’t lie when I say it was a lot to take in.  It’s hard work and a lot of theory.  However, I got 50/70 so I can’t be that bad.  I now have the Practitioner exam Friday.

But my highlight of my day?  My girls came over to see me tonight where I am staying… I had fun playing with Monkey, Nuzzle and Scratch – Monkey was especially boisterous.  Scratch is crawling like no ones business and Nuzzle scoffing away on food… it was fantastic.

I think its hard to remember how much of your life they are until you have two days away… Monkey might only see me for 30 minutes to an hour a day when I get in during the week, but we get a cuddle and a play… but this week we’ve not had that.  So, she was in a grump with me for the first 10 minutes.  But after that we had fun, rolling her new money-box ball around with some pennies in, involving Nuzzle too, who was laughing at us.  Scratch crawled all over the place…

And MBW – I felt happy to see her.  I got a hug I needed and just that moment together to chill out… it just reminded me of how important she is to me.  It was a great end to a good day.

Happy bunny is me tonight.

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