Tailoring Prince2 to Birthdays

Now, not a lot of people know that MBW has a birthday coming up soon.  Last year was her 21st (which makes this her… 22nd) and I took her on a date and out for a birthday dinner.  However… that was last year.  Which means this year has to be… different.  I smell a project coming on.

So, planning is in the making but as she’s reading this no doubt, lets cover some basics…

To give MBW a wonderful day involving fun activities.

Bit of a problem – the Project Executive and Project Manager is… me.  Whoops.  But PRINCE2 can be tailored, right?  Well – probably not to this extremes but I’ll give it a go.

The brief is:
Produce a fantastic day that she won’t forget

Senior User:

Senior Supplier:
My bank account

Like I’m going to tell you

Right now, I’m past the Start Up, I have done Project Initiation and now I am planning out the day… and the next stage is to organise.  What MBW doesn’t realise is… I have some interesting things coming up… ohhhh yes.  Very much so.

I just have to stop her opening up the post, now…

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