A literal theory

At midnight, William Gibson’s original masterpiece ‘Neuromancer’ is available on Amazon Kindle. How kick ass… naturally, I have a pre-order so it should just drop onto my phone. I’m quite excited as I am beginning to enjoy reading once more. The other thing is that it does inspire me to write a little more.
So there’s that. The theory part of the title – it should just sync to my phone at midnight… its a theory.

Brief Summary: William Gibson “Zero History”

I’ve just finished reading this book.  My advice if you’ve not read Pattern Recognition and Spook Country – go and read them.  Really.  Because then you’ll be gagging to read this book to complete the Bigend trilogy.

I’ve been a fan of William Gibson since reading the Neuromancer trilogy, and I enjoyed every single book since.  There was a often a single line of continuity.  But the single line in this trilogy… brought it full circle.  Starting in 2002, then meeting again in 2006/7, this concludes shortly after the financial crash in around 2008/9.

I’m not going to spoil the plot – the Bigend series had a fantastic finish with a twist even I did not expect, you need to read this series.

Scratch is in the toy box…

No comparison to MBW’s day from hell, my day has been fairly busy.  Part of my work is about understanding the impact of what potential decisions could have – fairly theoretical work, but part of it is then writing it up and by the time I’ve written it up, someone has often scuppered my thoughts.

I did at lunch time have a moment of indulgence.  I enjoy books by William Gibson.  Neuromancer is one of my all time favorite books and I have in recent times enjoyed Pattern Recognition and Spook Country (two books that I introduced to my PHB – Pointy Haired Boss* – who thoroughly got hooked).  Now the third in the trilogy is out – Zero History.  It features Hubertus Bigend and Hollis Henry again, which is a departure from the previous method of just one common denominator.  In the Neuromancer trilogy, the common denominator was Molly.  Pattern Recognition and Spook Country had the denominator of Hubertus Bigend but in the last book, Milgram, Hollis Henry and Inchmale all feature as well.

So, that’s my new book… which I’m working through now!

The other thing my day was the wheelchair.  Last night MBW accidentally dropped the wheelchair out of the boot when she opened the car – the joys of a people carrier, everything can fall out the moment you open the boot.  However, it took a huge chunk out of the of the wheel hand rim and resulted in a 4mm splinter standing on end.  I was saved by this mornings guard on the train having a nail file with her – a blessing because I was dreading a run down the hill with that on the wheel…

That’s my day in a nutshell.  The title?  As I started this post an hour ago, Scratch had made her way into the toy box, having commando crawled across the floor.  Nothing is safe for long, I fear…

*My boss knows I sometimes refer to him as this in jest.  I’m known as “Dilbert”.