The education quandary

I’m always looking to further myself and learn.  I believe its part of life.  Many things are left for me to learn…

Apparently sharing is one of them.  This came about because of an acquaintance of mine called Sheila.  Allow me to explain.

Sheila told on a Social Micro-Blogging site about how she had seen a friends house that was adapted to enable someone to live independently – sinks you can wheel under, wet room, flat access, laminate flooring.  So I told her I had all of these toys… and they are all mine.  MBW told me off about this and said I had to learn to share my toys.  Sheila agreed.

Then I got a new wheelchair and Sheila admired it.  I warned Sheila that if I were to see her, she could have a little go, but I am a little possessive over my new toy and I might not let it be anything more than a little go.  Sheila told me I need to learn to share.  MBW agreed.

Now I have got my new laptop.  My Grandmother, when I told her, asked if I was sharing it with MBW.  I explained I was… sometimes.  A little bit.  Once a week. Month. Jupiter Lunar Eclipse.  My Grandmother told me that I need to learn to share.  MBW agreed.  I’ve not told Sheila about this.

So far, what have I learnt?  Well, I suspect MBW and Sheila are in cahoots for one thing.  This is all too similar for my liking.  When pushed on it, both Sheila and MBW seem to laugh.

I explained all of this to my colleague at work.  He wasn’t sympathetic, telling me that one person telling me something is opinion, two people telling me the same is coincidence, but three is that there could be something there.  I think he’s right…

I think I need to… umm… help people by… not telling them about my toys.

Yeah.  That’s the one. 

MBW thinks I’m wrong.  I’m not telling Sheila or my Grandmother.