The Socio-Endorphin Correlation

For me – Saturday is a day of rest… if it isn’t shopping, visiting family or cleaning the house.

This particular Saturday was slightly unusual – MBW was going to a fitness workout thing, I am more tired than usual and Monkey has done a full week in School.  The Contwingent?  Full of beans.

I knew what was needed in this instance. Only thing for it to give those so tired they need a pick me up.

Depositing said beans and the bodies they inhabit with the Mother-in-Law, Monkey and I were left at the Great Cathedral of Sainsbury’s.  For future reference, there is:

  • The Greek Orthadox Church of Tescos
  • The Field Chapel of Somerfield
  • The Quaker Co-Op
  • The Seventh Day Advent of Asda

Back to my endorphin lift – and Monkey’s.  Having arrived at the Great Cathedral, Monkey and I made a bee-line for the one thing we knew we each needed: Beans on Toast and a pot of tea for Monkey; and Sausage, Mushroom and Toast with a mug of black coffee for me.

Payment was swift.

Cultlery and condiments acquired.

Table chosen, set and ready.

We cleared our plates, emptied the drinking vessels and took stock.

“We mustn’t forget socks, Daddy” mumoured a content Number One of the Three.

Endorphin pick-me-up – completed.

The Saturday Equilibrium

Saturday, when it began, kicked off with my loading some dance music tracks into the car (for the record: Calvin Harris “All the Girls”, “Flashback”, “Ready for the Weekend”; Michael Gray “The Weekend”; Faithless “Why Go”, “Flowerstand Man” and Klea “Tic Toc” all featured).  Why?  Monkey and I needed a boogie, MBW wanted to go shopping and Nuzzle and Scratch… actually, they didn’t want to wake up this morning and were more than happy for another snooze.  Loading everyone in the Canyonero, we made it as far as the Wicked Witch of the East’s to unload a car seat for her, when a smell emitted from Scratch’s car seat.  Cue a return home to change her clothing as well as a nappy before we got on the road and headed up to Sainsburys.  By the time we had got to Sainsburys Monkey had learnt to do alternate arm waving and “winding the bobbin up”…

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Interesting point to consider…

I’ve started to blog again after a break for about two years… I’ve figured its about time I got back into it, especially when I have more to say and talk about.

Part of it is that I realise that there are probably people out there who need to know what I experience and how I experience it – and how I might have to raise my concerns about those experiences… I think part of life is not complaining as such, but pointing out issues and suggesting resolutions. A timely example is raising with Sainsbury’s Springfield (Chelmsford) tonight about their cafe disabled toilet being out of action (and has been for about 2 months).  The lady was quite apologetic about it but in turn I acknowledged sometimes faults are hard to fix quickly.  Chances are though that it’ll be fixed soon enough.

So – this is my blog.  Hopefully I’ll have lots more to type over the months and weeks.