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Monkey and I on a Boma

Monkey and I on a Boma

I’m excited.

I’ll grant you, the title is misleading because actually, my life is very exciting, but never the less, I am excited.

Very excited.

So excited, that I am.


In silly short paragraphs.

To get across the excitement in me.

But why?  What could possibly get me excited that it makes me alienate half my readers by writing in the most annoying way possible?  Well, to tell you I need to flash back to this morning… all together now, in the style of “Wayne’s World” (See this silly rip off)…

I recieved an email entitled “Walk Colchester”.  I’m fairly sceptical of anything I can’t do very well as being any good.  You might think this is rather daft, but I’m also sceptical of eating nuts and singing in public – you’ll thank me in the long run for not wanting to do the latter.  Anyway, I opened it.  It started about a group wanting to raise support to buy a mobility device to help disabled people getting out into the countryside.  I read on and then saw the words…

Molten Rock Boma

Woahhhhh there (or as Cowboys say “Stop there Horse”).  My off-road mobility device of choice… I read on.  They are having a demonstration.  How exciting!  I read on… Wednesday, 22nd June – Highwoods Visitors Centre?  Fair Access 2 Colchester (FA2C)? Wooohoo!  14:30?!  Yes please!

So – the date went into my diary… but then it raised another possibility.  So we’re going to see if we can borrow the Boma after for a trip to Norfolk.  Oh yes.  Kick bottom.  Very excited now 🙂

So – that was my day.  I’m very excited…