The Aural Disappointment

Ice cream vans – they bring joy to many, sadness to the few who’s lactose intolerance means they regard them as a wind-creator on wheels.  You can guarantee not to find me near an ice cream van as Mr Whippy will leave me feeling rubbish and immobile for an hour.

icecreamvanHowever, my children have found out that these magical vans vend ice cream – I’m blaming their mother.

I have had to educate the children appropriately to counter this.  My friend Bruce had the best idea.

“Blinkity blinkity bongly bong…” sings out the tune of the Frozen Lactose Van.

“Oh,” says one of the three. “It’s the Ice Cream Van!”

“No,” will observe another. “He’s ran out again. I wish he’d come to us first…”