Personal Time and Space Continuum

Ok, so there I was at the Zoo on Saturday. Normally I wouldn’t say if I had been or not but this time something odd happened.

I am an active person. That doesn’t mean MBW won’t give me a helping shove from time to time.

MBW indeed helped me out, pushing me up one slope into the chimp house. There she left me, in the company of smaller people with us that day. That too is not unusual.

As I rolled slowly forwards towards my younger brother, on a slight downhill slope, someone grabbed a handle.

Someone I didn’t know. They grabbed at the handle.

My immediate action was one of “please don’t do that.” I recognise he thought he was doing me a favour by stopping me from rolling away down a hill. I doubt he was even considering the hero factor of saving the poor defenceless man in a wheelchair. He looked a little surprised so I made sure to thank him for his attempted save and not to try that again as I’m perfectly alright.

Now, that aside, I am the first to admit that touching my handles uninvited is like someone putting their hand on your shoulder uninvited. Ok, what are you doing – oh having a lean, how nice for you but get lost. But then to push you, pull you? Its a form of invasion.

Whilst I have already admitted that this was a moment of doing the right thing, saving someone from getting ran over I would say is the exception to the rule.

So why do people do it (uninvited or without permission)? Because a framework is metal or carbon does that mean I wouldn’t notice? Or that I just don’t mind? Or you do it with Auntie Sheila and she never notices because she’s not all there really.

Here’s some news for you: I feel every impact on my chair.. I feel every bump I go over, every shock absorbed by the three and frame, every movement my rucksack makes, every direction my chair tilts and turns.

And its not alright to touch my handles unless I have told you so or implied as much in our friendship.

However, returning to our non-hero of this story: I appreciate what he wanted to try to do and why. I don’t blame him and in event of a moment of where someone needs saving, I would probably do the same. Buy it bothered the crap out of me until I worked out why.