The Reboot of Religion Methodology

Each year Christmas comes around.  Now, some people could claim they are being fooled that Christmas is looming on our calendars by commercialism or religion or the fact that the chocolate industry appears in cahoots for 24 days with the cardboard door-on-a-box industry, but for me there are several tells that it could be Christmas fairly soon:

  1. People keep saying “it doesn’t feel like Christmas”
  2. It’s December
  3. I keep getting drawn to crap in the Esso service station shop.

For creationism, this is a chance when they get to shake evolutionism by the hand and by token of this, reboot their annual stories by saying “this little dude was born”.  In this case, they are not talking about the Baby Annabel or Baby Emmie, both variants of which were given to little people within my household by a jolly person (but was only jolly by virtue of the fact that she wanted to know what was in the big brown box).  I am talking about, of course, the baby Jesus Christ. 

Evolutionists, by correspondence of this, try not to appear bitter about this by giving gifts (such as Richard Dawkins books) and celebrate Winter Solstice, partaking in the large feast and biting their tongue when it comes to saying grace at the dinner table. 

After or before this, everyone embraces and takes the opportunity to swap gifts and for me, this is my favourite bit.  Not because I gain some more possessions which will shortly be available on my ebay shop (for I have never ebay’d a gift yet) but because I like to see how much thought or energy people put into gifts for others – its eye opening and it makes me grin at some of the gifts given.  It doesn’t matter if they’ve been hinted at by others first – its the sheer effort in one form or another.

So, without further ado – some of my favourites from this year:

woolyWoolly – a spider that appears on a children’s TV show called Woolly and Tig.  Monkey adores the show and loves the spider especially, so a nod was given to my Grandmother.  Come Christmas day, a smile lit up a little girls face.  Woolly has gone everywhere… well, her auntie’s, since.

My bus.  No, I kid you not.  MBW, who has for ages been telling me that she is not indulging this one, broke her vow of refusing to entertain me and entertained me… with a bus.  This one, a replica of some rolling around Wales, is a very cool little Transbus Mini Pointer Dart.  This will mean nothing to you unless you are a bus spotter or just very nerdy… but this is my bus.  I like it.first-bus-sm

Lastly, I was very impressed also by the wind up Thomas the Tank Engine toys that my mother gave me in my ‘sock’ (a family equivalent of a stocking only easier to source and keep your feet warm all day).  These have provided the Contwingent and I hours of fun racing them around the kitchen table to see which will go faster and who would win the race.