The Petroleum Recharging Quandry

I have a bit of an issue and its not one that I can resolve easily on my own without either a bit of trial and serious error (if it goes wrong its a big error) or help. ¬†So, I’ve opted for a bit of help:

Well, actually, that needed a little quick clarification, just in case:

So, this sparked a few conversations, including first cars, comparison of what I’m getting, toys, wheels and so on… but this also showed me several things:

  1. Some people use Service Call
  2. Some people use PinPoint
  3. Some people don’t use anything
  4. One person is waiting for their child to hit 16 so they can learn how to fill the car for them!

So what are Service Call and PinPoint?  They are remote keyfobs that send a signal to a receiver in a petrol station which would, in theory at least, alert a member of staff to assist you refuelling your car.

Service Call Receiver

Service Call Receiver

Service Call I had, I confess, heard of before but forgotten the name of.  It is usually a bright orange box on the window of the petrol station kiosk.  The box tends to sit up high and require line of sight in order to work which, according to the website, has 50m of range.

During my Twitter conversation, I found one user said the following:

Now that is useful in itself, but given the competition…

So, this then makes me ask a question of will I see more use of one more than another.  At this point my mother had already very kindly told me to order a PinPoint device for my birthday present which is upcoming (hint, hint you lot).

So – this seems like a good time to review the PinPoint offering. ¬†This was developed by a company called Contacta and has been endorsed by Disabled Motoring UK, which is a campaign group. ¬†It is not widely installed at the moment but claims to be more reliable than older beacon systems, which I suspect includes Service Call. ¬†A quick check in my local area shows 2 installations, compared to Service Call’s 8 or so. ¬†Neither of them included Tesco though, which is where I am most likely to fill up because of the pay at pump option and club card discounts.

Indeed, PinPoint is widely known:

So – I’ve ordered PinPoint with thanks to my Mother. I’ll probably end up ordering a Service Call too. ¬†Alternatively, I could follow this idea:

Got a bit of a wait though until my eldest reaches 16 though…


The Thursday Theory

Thursday’s have a habit of being crap.¬† In fact, usually – they’re shit.¬† I was in a fairly shit mood this morning, mostly because for two nights running I’d been late home and had minimal sleep again.¬† A sound off to the station manager about the fact that I’m personally suffering, which I think has probably pissed people off but oh well…

Then MBW phones to tell me she’s bumped the car… thankfully she and the girls are all ok – it’s the perils of a horrible car park.¬† Damage is minimal and frankly, I’d rather damage to the car than to any of the gals inside.¬† But it means another insurance claim… oh well.¬† Time to save some cash up, I think.

Anyway, oddly, from there it got better… some of my colleagues in the office think it’d be a good idea to fund raise to buy a Molten Rock Boma.¬† We need some ideas but a session at the pub might sort that one out.

The reason I’d like one is because I want to take the girls out to the beach or round a country park… and I independently cannot do that.¬† It’s difficult because being a father, I want to be able to do the fun stuff after they become toddlers.¬† Hence – I’d love a Boma.

But I’ve saved the best bit until last… Nuzzle was having a cuddle and play with me, whilst Scratch was sat on MBW… but she wanted to join in – so she commando crawled over the sofa to give Nuzzle a big kiss!¬† This is one of the things I love about being Daddy – the crawling to join me, to play and have some fun together…¬†¬† They both enjoyed a lovely play which made my day, frankly.¬† Daddy rules.