Press release – Please help the New Lego Routemaster prototype become a reality

10 October 2016 – For immediate release

Please help New Lego Routemaster prototype become a reality

A New Routemaster made entirely of Lego has entered the market and its ‘creator’ Dominic Lund-Conlon is calling for the transport sector to help him encourage a rollout of the fleet.

The 10 cm tall vehicle, dubbed the Legomaster, was made by the father of three and Passenger Transport Manager at Essex County Council, following a request from “people smaller than him” to create something London-centric for them. With the Legomaster in mind, his customers Monkey, Nuzzle and Scratch requested inside capacity for Lego passengers, opening doors and the ability to withstand ‘play’.

Having showed the resulting prototype to colleagues who suggested he approached Lego to consider building it and adding it to their range, Dominic has registered the concept on the Lego Ideas website.

“There has been a Routemaster renaissance in London and beyond in recent years and if my Legomaster does enter the Lego market, I believe the product has great potential to put the idea of the bus into young people’s lives as something they can use in everyday life,” commented Dominic.

“However, standing in the way of the product going any further is the need for 10,000 ‘supports’ within a year on the Lego Ideas website from people who would like to see it on the shelves and I would urge anyone and everyone who thinks this is a good idea to add their support,” continued Dominic.

You can support the innovative Legomaster project by visiting and clicking ‘support’ once you have registered your basic details.



Notes to Editors

[1] The Legomaster is Dominic’s brainchild and has not been endorsed by The Lego Group, Transport for London or Wright Bus.

[2] Support can only be given by visiting or

[3] A high resolution image of the vehicle is attached; additional images can be supplied on request.

[4] For further information, please contact via social media: Twitter @daddydoink; Facebook –