Monkey and the steam locomotive and Male Homosapien called Tumble

A long title tonight, but for good reason.  I’d like to share the bed time routine that Monkey and I enjoy most evenings and a dilemma I have.

I enjoy putting Monkey to bed for several reasons.  One of them is that its something she and I can do without anyone else maybe needing to help.  Another is that its becoming ‘our’ time of the day, every day, regardless of whether I am at work during the day or not.  But best of all, its a fantastic routine for the pair of us.

So, our bed time routine goes something like:

  • 3 Story books – very important, as Boris will make an appearance usually and we love Underpant Stealing Monsters
  • Visit to the bathroom, brush teeth, stick toothbrush up on the tiles (her toothbrush has a sucker on the end, so we stick it anywhere!)
  • Off to bed
  • Story involving Mr Tumble, Thomas the Tank Engine and upon request, Monkey herself
  • I say night night and off she goes to sleep.

This is pretty much without fail and I love it.  I suspect that actually in part, the routine is for me too, since I quite enjoy Boris and The Smartest Giant.  But I do now have a problem…

I’m running out of Mr Tumble stories…

This could be a problem… I need to come up with some more and fast.  I’ve got 14 days until I go away for work (when I need to prepare some DVDs for MBW I think!) and I have to come up with some stories…

Help?  Suggestions welcome.  Very welcome.  I’ve done Mr Tumble cheering up Thomas, Terence and Bertie… snow rescue, going to the seaside… Why can’t she like a story just about Thomas? I can remember all of the books.  Anyway – please, comment in your suggestions.  If I get enough, I might even run a little competition.




Two quotes for you:

It’s very cold in the freezer, I’m not sure it’s working properly!


MBW: I just flushed a spider down the shower.

Me: Big, hairy, looked like Boris?  Had a few flies in his web?

MBW: Yeah, rest in peace.

MBW demonstrates sympathy.