My adoration for the image capture device

I love my camera.  In fact, for a moment, I want you please to imagine Father Ted shouting it like he would for his brick.  And today’s blog post is dedicated to why I love my camera in a practical form…

I’ve been taking photos today at my Mother-in-Law’s birthday afternoon… MIL, who is 184 today (not strictly true), celebrated with a cream tea and BBQ… actually, considering this,  its almost like saying “I’m a year older, and I want to quadruple the risk of heart related illness”.

So, I took the camera over with my lens to get some pictures.  The paddling pool was set up in the garden, which, when wanting to take photographs, has one positive and two negatives. The negatives are:

  • that the camera could get wet (see under: Risks, Don’t be stupid, Put the cup of water DOWN NOW CHILD!) ; and
  • that children invariably get naked and run around and you can never show those photos publically.

The positive, however is that given the right light, you can obtain some fan-blooming-tastic photos!  Like this, for example:

Playing with water

Playing with water



Getting Daddy!

Getting Daddy with the water...

Some cracking images – and a great day.  The BBQ and Cream Tea was really nice – oh and Sweet Potato Wedges – fan-blooming-tastic!

Happy Birthday to Sheila, my Mother in Law.

p.s. I got her a bucket of crap for her birthday… literally:

Pile of poo

Pile of poo

Tailoring Prince2 to Birthdays

Now, not a lot of people know that MBW has a birthday coming up soon.  Last year was her 21st (which makes this her… 22nd) and I took her on a date and out for a birthday dinner.  However… that was last year.  Which means this year has to be… different.  I smell a project coming on.

So, planning is in the making but as she’s reading this no doubt, lets cover some basics…

To give MBW a wonderful day involving fun activities.

Bit of a problem – the Project Executive and Project Manager is… me.  Whoops.  But PRINCE2 can be tailored, right?  Well – probably not to this extremes but I’ll give it a go.

The brief is:
Produce a fantastic day that she won’t forget

Senior User:

Senior Supplier:
My bank account

Like I’m going to tell you

Right now, I’m past the Start Up, I have done Project Initiation and now I am planning out the day… and the next stage is to organise.  What MBW doesn’t realise is… I have some interesting things coming up… ohhhh yes.  Very much so.

I just have to stop her opening up the post, now…