The Annual Anniversary Anomaly

CandlesBelieve it or not, I’m supposed to be celebrating another milestone in that timeline known as “getting older”[citation needed] soon.  I am struggling with this though.  It’s not even a number that’s considered important in the scale of celebrating a particular date in the calendar.

I’m struggling with it in part because there isn’t the magic there – no build up, no excitement. I’m not even convinced that its going to be much of an event on the day.  I didn’t even realise it was approaching until someone reminded me yesterday – it still feels like its an age away.

My point in all of this is that pretty much I suspect this year is going to be just cake in the office and a few messages on my Facebook wall[citation needed].  I guess actually I should be grateful I got this far enjoying each year as much as I could.  I don’t even know why I’m missing the magic – I hate being the centre of attention when it comes to blowing out the candles.

I think it is probably down to a simple fact.

I’m getting old and very possibly grumpy.

Time line

We’ve been listening to a lot of Jean Michel Jarre here lately, mostly because A) I downloaded some on Zune and B) I control the music when I cook.

So, since we’ve been listening to music that is 30 years old and I will be 30 in just two short weeks I thought I’d timeline Jean Michel Jarre’s music broadly vs my life.  At the age of 30, I’d hope that I am thought to be as fresh and alive as his music is 30 years on. 

And if not, it was fun playing with my tablet.  You can click to view it larger.


Where is my Wii…

Our Wii is being repaired.  I believe there were two discs stuck in it at the time, which are not broken and a laser, which was.  The cost of £29.00 has been met and last Thursday, it went off to the repair workshop.

So Nintendo, where is my Wii?!  What is taking so long?  Why must I be forced to watch iPlayer on my computer when I could be using my Wii?!  Pah.

So, rant over – I got Sonic and the Black Knight for my birthday.  I’ve not yet played it, much to my disappointment.  In fact, my Brother in Law the younger, Clive, has played it more than I have.  I want to play it, but c’est la vie – I shall have to have more patience…

… until tomorrow morning when their call centre opens and I can phone them to bug them about it 🙂