The Car

The Car - at the start of snow

So, this week, it has mostly been snowing.  Snow means two things when you use a wheelchair – its hard to go out and if you do go out you get stuck.  So I’ve not bothered and have been working from home.

Working from home is interesting – if you can ignore noise and distractions – perfect – which can work 90% of the time.  Sadly, there will be occassions when this happens but for the most part I can get along with it.

Not today.  A little Monkey has been a little busy…

Monkey rolls a large snowball

Monkey rolls a large snowball


Yes, that’s right – making a snowman.  She had great fun out there with MBW… they made something pretty special:

Monkey hugs the Snowman

Monkey hugs the snowman

Snowday – in a nutshell…

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