Molecular gastronomy for a Saturday

Monkey and I cooking

Monkey and I cooking

Tonight, following a trip with the troupe to Toys-R-Us about 30 miles from us, we needed to perform the gastronomic escapades that is our evening meal.  Naturally, I am rarely without my little sous-chef, who was more than willing to assist with this evenings experiment.  And our choice?  Baked Cheesy Mushrooms with salad and a jous of balsamic glaze, roast veg pizza and garlic bread.

Monkey tearing up the basil

Monkey tearing up the basil

Monkey and I set to work, cleaning up some portabello mushrooms (organic, of course) and taking some of the not so clean skin off before removing the stalk.  Mean while, I chopped up a load of garlic (which was really strong tonight) and prepared two dishes for the large mushrooms to go in.  But – we feel a vital ingrediant is missing here – basil!  I set the sous-chef on to this at once – tearing up some basil for me whilst I sorted the cheese to go on top…

Found a cup of juice

Monkey finds a juice in her pocket

Successfully done, as you can see – I mix this with the garlic and piled onto the mushrooms, cheese, a splash of oil and a stint in the oven with a pizza and garlic bread is required.  But what to do mean time?  You see, I’d find this a problem but not Monkey – she likes to do magic tricks that surprise even her!  Yes – a juice in an apron pocket trick!  I was so surprised I took a photo.  We laughed and laughed… for about 20 minutes.  And the outcome?

Dinner - mushrooms on salad

Dinner is served

That is our dinner – the Pizza and Garlic bread was on the table already…

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