Just when I thought it was safe to come out!

I get a letter from Neurology. Yes, the Evil Ones are back! (Dah dah DAHHHHHHH!)

Sadly, this is where the fun ends.  I don’t like hearing from them and now particularly, I had just gotten over the initial amount of prodding that is going to be happening when I get another letter.

This one is seeking information.  Apparently the notes accompanying my previous investigations have gone walk about.  Isn’t that just great?  Now they want to know what other investigations I’ve had… Doesn’t that also fill me with confidence.

So this now leaves me wondering – what else do they want to do to try and re-work out a prognosis?!

So, that is where that is.  Still no news on the Needle EMG and my arm still hurts from the Physio.  Ugh.

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