Interesting point to consider…

I’ve started to blog again after a break for about two years… I’ve figured its about time I got back into it, especially when I have more to say and talk about.

Part of it is that I realise that there are probably people out there who need to know what I experience and how I experience it – and how I might have to raise my concerns about those experiences… I think part of life is not complaining as such, but pointing out issues and suggesting resolutions. A timely example is raising with Sainsbury’s Springfield (Chelmsford) tonight about their cafe disabled toilet being out of action (and has been for about 2 months).  The lady was quite apologetic about it but in turn I acknowledged sometimes faults are hard to fix quickly.  Chances are though that it’ll be fixed soon enough.

So – this is my blog.  Hopefully I’ll have lots more to type over the months and weeks.

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