I’m in Islington

I’m just having lunch and I wanted to blog about what I’ve seen. 

I’ve got the 507 bus from Victoria to Waterloo – the driver asked Chris where I was getting off the bus at.  I’ve got the tube from Waterloo to Stratford, which was hot and noisy.  At Stratford we discovered that there was duplications in the lifts – the duplication not highlighted to DDA standards like the other.  Pathways with differing paving textures within feet of leaving the station.  And then two bus rides – one where I could see where I was going and one… I couldn’t. 

It’s been busy – there have been steps, steep slopes, buggies, old people and smelly people.  Fortunately, Chris isn’t smelly.

The built environment though, does suck.  As does the “disabled” toilet at the weatherspoons on St Johns Road, Islington.  It’s too small and not very accessible unless you are a minute wheelchair user.  Pah.

More soon folks.

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