How I survived a 3 floor fall

It is pretty scary, I can assure you. 3 Floors is a lot to fall, especially to very hard floor.

Granted, its my choice but good grief, if I looked down once more vertigo will have got me in its ugly grasp and made me think twice about this choice I had only made 20 minutes before, sat down on the main ground floor of the attrium.

My co-workers are watching on by this point, flabergasted that I am by now crawling under the barriers and edging towards the edge. Thing is, they could see The Drop.

It would have been fair to say an element of fear was creeping in now, as I positioned myself on the edge, easing myself forward… Reminding myself not..

… To look …

… Down.

I knew I couldn’t back out, not for the riddicule from co-workers, which would be on good jest, but for me. I knew I could do this. I know I would only regret it if I backed out, my mind playing what-ifs for the rest of the week… During all of which I am ignoring the niggling voice of fear in the back of my head and making sure I don’t look down, taking a breath and.. And..

And taking a leap of faith and jumping off – knowing the rope would hold me and that the instructor would lower me – colleagues cheering as I descend 3 floors abseilling to the bottom, like everyone else before me, a moment of adrenaline, seeing the world in a slightly different way.

I jumped over the edge of the attrium and lived to tell the tale. That is what I did on my Friday Lunch Time.

What did you do?

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