Good service

I’d like to write about some good service, but first you need some background:

MBW went shopping.  She does this once or twice a week, often with a list, sometimes written in my own fair scrawl.  Todays list had one item: Something nice.  I wasn’t very well yesterday and this is my ‘getting back on my wheels’ day.

MBW returned with bits and pieces, including but not limited to: crisps, pittas, Pepsi and Baked Cheddars Snack Packs.

I had one of these afore mentioned biscuits shortly after my lunch.  You’ve guessed it – it tasted… foul.  This did not go well with the reputation that normally comes with such biscuits.  Normally, if I were at work, I’d throw these in the bin, saying “pah” and “uggh” and suchlike, but since I’m at home recuperating, I thought I’d phone McVities and tell them what had happened.

feAnd do you know what?  The lady on the phone sounded actually upset that this had happened and is sending me a voucher to replace them.  How thoughtful.  She also told me to bin the rest and thanked me for my call.

McVities – well done.  I feel slightly better as a result.

Disclaimer: I wrote this to show some good customer service.  I paid for the biscuits first, there is no commercial gain and no animals were harmed in the purchasing of this.  We squashed two flies on the car windscreen, but it wasn’t our fault.  Also, I don’t know if the Mail people squished anything or not during their supersonic journeys along the roads, so I can’t verify how accurate the animals disclaimer is.  If I had a delete key, I’d remove it.

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