Going away with the family

I wanted a holiday. I also wanted to see my Dad. So, what better idea than to combine the two? I figured its a good idea and phoned my usual hotel brand to book.

The twinge are getting bigger, so we need a family room. I looked up that they exist, got on the phone and got hold of reservations. I explained our needs: wheelchair user, children, together, family. What did they think?

They didn’t. Think or know, I wasn’t quite sure. But I was phoning out of office hours, so I had to wait for a phone call on the Monday morning.

Monday rolled around, they phones back. They don’t do accessible family rooms. Why not? Not sure. I’d have to pay for two rooms.

Hold up – come again?

I’d have to pay. For two rooms.

Now, I’m a little assertive. I asked if that was fair. I asked if as a disabled person, was I not expected to have children? A family? She thought for a moment, to her credit. We could have adjoining rooms, connected through a door in the middle, for the same price as a family room.

Bingo – some common sense. Well done. Took some getting there, but we got there without too much shouting.

So, I’m going away shortly. I’m staying with Intercontinental Hotels. Well done to them for finding a solution to a situation that was avoided. But it raises another question – what do other hotels do?

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