Early translations

This morning was one if those mornings where I had company in the form of Monkey. I like these kinds of mornings provided that it doesn’t end in a tantrum when I step out the door to go to work.

So, I’m just finishing having a wash this morning when I hear some foot steps come into the bathroom. “Daddy, I want to be comfortable, hold Charlie Bear.” pipes a little but firmly set in its mission Monkey. She wanders off for a moment and returns with a towel, which she drapes over the little pink chair that is left over from last nights toilet training marathon. She recovers Charlie Bear from me.

I’m brushing my teeth when I hear… “… now you didn’t stayed in your bed no and I’m very interpointed in you Charlie Bear.”


“You went to sleep nicely and you get one sticker on your chart.”

Safe ground here – sticker charts for bed time.

“And today you must be good and help me and not throw pammies and you will not go in the naughty corner.”

Pammies? Ok, this is two words now. I’m confused.

“Monkey? What’s interpointed?” I ask.

“When I not happy with Charlie Bear.” she says, looking me bang on in the eye.

“And what’s a pammy?”


“You told Charlie Bear not to have one, a pammy?”

“Huh Daddy? I told him not to cry and scweem.”

Paddy. Got it.

“Can I lie on the floor in the front room and you make me a sausage roll Daddy?” she asks. This is not breakfast. She wants wrapping up in a fleecy blanket tightly so that she’s like a sausage roll. I can handle that without any further explanation.

I finish getting ready, with a bit more chatter. As I’m leaving she signs to me that she loves me and to have a good day. That needed no translation.

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