The Stamina Induction Experiment

EphedrineIt’s been about six months since I started taking some medication to assist with my stamina levels since re-diagnosis.  This drug is called Ephedrine Hydrochloride.  Sound familiar?  It should – it is used in asthma medication a lot.

It is little known though that if taken as a tablet it doesn’t just cover the lungs.  In my case, it acts as a stamina agent to encourage my nerves to communicate a little bit longer than they could if I didn’t take this medication.

What has this meant?  Well, now I can actually stay awake past 22:00 for one thing.  My speech doesn’t go as slurred as it once did when I hit a point of energy depletion in my day.  I am able to concentrate more.  I can coordinate some of my movements better.

Its given me a bit more quality of life that I didn’t have before.  It has made my life better because of minute changes.

Worth it?  Definitely.

The 1000 Mile Analysis

WP_20150206_13_45_34_ProIt’s been two years since I fitted an odometer to my Sunrise Quickie Xenon and near on three years since I took delivery.  In that time its seen the hold of planes, been on many trains, been used when photographing cranes (but only to sit in)… and of course, met many a bus.

As I reached a major mile marker this past week, I had a bit of a think about how far the chair has gone and what it has gone through, including:

  • Carrying the children on my knee
  • Countless meetings and walking to them
  • Humidity in butterfly houses
  • Mud in country parks

If it were a car, it’d be having its 3 year service by now – as it is, this chair has had two sets of rear tyres, three sets of front soft-rolls, the left brake broke and had to be replaced and at new year the seat support on the front left broke off, which is now being replaced.

Its a good chair and has worn well – given the choice in the future, I’d probably get another in a flash.  It fits in well with my family life and has taken the brunt of everything it has had thrown at it. 

Would I have another? Certainly.  My only recommendation – get yourself a speedometer and odometer and measure how far and how fast you go – it does make for some interesting numbers.


The Elevation Principle

I used to love an inanimate object. I called her Loretta.

She was, frankly, amazing. She would say things – simple things – to anyone in the breathiest, sexiest voice. Everything was a come on.

“Going down.”

“Doors closing”

But sadly, after a recent refit, Loretta is gone. Her sexual prowess torn out. She is, sadly, a shell of her former self.

The Omnibus Prism

On a day that I was happily taking photos, some serious shit happened.  The reason I took the photos was to show someone and the rest of the world some additions and changes to my little bus world on my desk and since the day that time stood still, as it is henceforth to be known, I’ve not felt like writing the post.

But I’m writing it because someone else I know is going to appreciate this and I’m going to write it if it fucking kills me to do so. 


This is a Mercedes Citaro – in the GreenLine 724 livery, designed by Ray Stenning’s company Best Impressions. 

This is a first version Mercedes Citaro, noted by the fact that the front lights have coloured indicator lenses, the rear are two part (red and orange) and the bus is a 54 reg.  BU06 HSD is a recent acquisition and a local bus to me – as it comes in to Harlow.  DDA compliant, the bus also has a luggage rack for those going to and from the airport.


The other thing about this bus is that it does not have a Driver Defence Screen fitted – unlike the other airport Series 7 Citaro – and is ran by Arriva along the route.  You can actually use an Interlink Explorer ticket on the route – which ends at Uxbridge.

Struggling to think of what else to tell you about this one – moving on! 


YN04 YJT is another bus with a local connection.  In the livery I have, it is a dual door vehicle running for Uni-Link (Accord) in Southampton.  However, this vehicle, in its current guise, is now single door, red and yellow, working for Nibs Buses of Wickford.  It originally worked the U1A route (as it is on my model) before moving to Essex.  This model, for notes, is unique in my fleet as it has steering front wheels. 

So – there are two recent new vehicles to my fleet. 

The Altitude Phenomenon

When we look over the edge of a balcony or regard the lobby from a glass lift, its almost alien, watching the ground move away or towards us… I personally love it – I can handle heights and would happily sit for hours admiring the detail below. 

vertigoHowever, stand me on my own two feet and this is completely alien.  I get dizzy and fearful and unstable… vertigo, in fact. Just because I am stood.

600ft – nada.

6ft – forget it.

The Rabbit Hole Comparison

I’ve been incredibly quiet on the blog front lately and for a while – I’m sorry about that.  So allow me to explain.

MBW and I have separated.  Since the actual separation I’ve had to do things like move out, find somewhere suitable for me to live, move in, acclimatise and get into a new routine.  Some things went better than others in all of this.  This all happened earlier this year.

I need to stress – MBW and I still get on as friends.  This was a fairly mutual thing and we did this to preserve the essence of what we always held dear – our friendship.

However, if you see some grumbly posts just bear in mind, I reserve the right to be grumpy once in a while.

The Depot Conundrum

I haven’t written much about the depot yet.  I somehow feel that this is going to end up taking more of a life of its own than I currently have, so perhaps I should introduce you to a few of the vehicles…


LK07 CCN – Fleet number 64035.  A Firstgroup vehicle, operating the BAA Sponsored service “Series 7”, between Heathrow and Windsor.

This is a Euro V vehicle (in real life, at least) and is DDA Compliant.  However, the things I particularly like about LK07 CCN include the accurate detailing within, such as the additional luggage rack for those heading for flights.WP_20130111_008b

Other little bits about it include the DDA compliance (important for service vehicles in my fleet) and the rather neat driver protection screen, which sadly has become a necessity in suburban services.  This vehicle is one of two in the fleet with air conditioning, too.

WP_20130111_012bLJ56 ONH – Fleet number DP1.  This service vehicle is a Plaxton SLF Pointer 2 Dart.  Originally built by Transbus (which will appear more shortly), this vehicle operates route 441 – another BAA partnership service to Heathrow. 

DDA Compliant, this is a funky little bus that fits neatly down small streets and around sharp corners. 

WP_20130111_016bSN53 ETE – Fleet number 43840.  A recent acquisition from the South Wales Valleys, this little Transbus variant of the a Pointer 2 SLF Dart.  The SLF means “Super Low Floor”, of which this was one of the first serious contenders in the DDA compliant vehicle market.

This little bus actually still works in the Welsh valleys, however it was purchased for me by MBW for my little depot.  It is currently off the road, as Ammanford is a million miles from me.


So, these are a few of my vehicles for today.  I’ll have to write some more about the rest of the fleet as it develops.

The Omnibus Conference

If I look through my drafts, there are five or six pieces of writing I never finished.  This isn’t one of them.  This one is about buses.

I have long come to accept that it would not be a good idea to buy a bus.  Mostly because I am unlikely to be able to drive one. Even as much as I’d like to.  But I do have my little concession.

If you are a Bus Operator, you need an operators licence.  I don’t have one of those.

But I don’t need one if we’re talking about my own little domain.


Lets see, we have a USA Metro Articulated, a couple of Enviro200s, a Mercedes Citaro (version 2), a Metrobus (the heritage bit of my fleet) and a new Citaro mark 3.

I like my fleet, even though it lacks some Scania or Volvo influence.

I might even introduce them on this blog over the next few months, just to show how funky my buses are.