Where is my Wii…

Our Wii is being repaired.  I believe there were two discs stuck in it at the time, which are not broken and a laser, which was.  The cost of £29.00 has been met and last Thursday, it went off to the repair workshop.

So Nintendo, where is my Wii?!  What is taking so long?  Why must I be forced to watch iPlayer on my computer when I could be using my Wii?!  Pah.

So, rant over – I got Sonic and the Black Knight for my birthday.  I’ve not yet played it, much to my disappointment.  In fact, my Brother in Law the younger, Clive, has played it more than I have.  I want to play it, but c’est la vie – I shall have to have more patience…

… until tomorrow morning when their call centre opens and I can phone them to bug them about it 🙂

A plan so cunning you could put a tail on it…

… And call it a fox.

Now, even though MBWs birthday is 6 months away, planning must still take place. As any intelligent halfwit (that’s me) will tell you, the devil is not just in the detail, but in the sentiment.

So, for your delectation, here is my scoring system of making a good present for my BFF (thats best friend forever, not BreastFeeding Friend. Two different things but same acronym, so its best to clarify.)

Initial confusion
Does she look at it weirdly? Does she ask “what do I do with it?” or “how does it work?” or “what do I put it in?”… These are all good setups to a terrific hallmark of…

Is she smiling? Is it a proper smile or forced? Look for gritted teeth, laughter or..

Is she crying? Does she look like she might need some Kleenex? Is Niagara Falls about to get some non-Victoria Falls competition?

Does she want to hug you? Does she want to strangle you? Don’t get confused by the two.

Finally – words
Is she lost for them? In fact, provided the words coming out of her mouth are not profanities linked with theatening behaviour, you’re home and dry.

Good job.

Of course, this cannot all apply to you. I know my AMW (Amazing, marvellous wife, not… Nevermind!) well enough, I hope, to pull this year off.

Although having written all this it does occur to me I might not live to see her birthday let alone make her gift. But as I wrote all this on my phone, she should understand I loathe to delete it after all the effort I put in…

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The Celebration of an Orbital Rotation for a Person

It is Birthday time here in DoinkLand. This means all, some or none of the following applies:

  • I am older by one year
  • I am wiser
  • I am slightly fatter

You can pick and choose.

MBW has followed what seems to be becoming tradition of confusing me in the run up to the day upon which I feel like I am going to achieve one of the above list.  The tradition seems to go something like this:

  • Have a rough idea of what to get me
  • Think of other things I like
  • Confuse me whilst having a plan of what to get
  • Put me totally off the scent and…
  • Surprise me.

Camera and LensThis year was no different – last year I was very lucky to recieve a Nikon D5000 with an 18-55mm lens.  Its very good – I especially love the rotating screen on the reverse which means I can hold the camera down low to take a photo or video at angles you can’t always do from a seated position.  Maybe I should review that later… back to my new awesome lens.

The Nikkor 70-300mm with VR is decent – it has VR (Vibration Reduction), a hood and automatic focus with a silent motor to enable quick smooth focus… what ever that is – I like it anyway.  It is flipping brilliant.  It gives opportunity for photos from a distance that I couldn’t normally get because people become aware of me stalking skulking up behind them taking photos.

Like this.  (I love my new lens, in case you can’t tell).

My girls walkingSo – tomorrow is my birthday.  MBW succeeded in another years amazing birthday present.  I’m going to have to work really hard on her birthday in November…