Boris’ Blunder Bus


Blunder Boris Bus

Its not a secret but I have never really said this:

I do not approve of the Boris Bus

Why? It looks iconic, it has DDA compliance and will be excellent for boarding and draw tourists attention… The routemaster was iconic for that and in its hayday people considered it to be the best for its job.

But that was its hayday. And this is now.

All London buses require dual doors, which means when they finish their working life in London, they need to be converted to single door and preferably have the access retained for wheelchairs.

But in some counties, dual door buses cannot be used on contract services. There is a firm requirement for single door vehicles, as the county may not support the infrastructure for dual door vehicles.

So, my worry begins to show – what will the impact be on future bus cascades? We are already beginning to see cascades of ex-London vehicles and this is only set to grow. The question is now, will Boris realise the greater impact for outside London and also the environmental impact of scrapping these buses after, instead of recycling them for a bit more life out of them?

Perhaps he can’t see past the vanity mirror on his own cab…

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5 thoughts on “Boris’ Blunder Bus

  1. This might seem like a silly question, but if the buses are good enough to be “cascaded” down to other places, why aren’t they good enough to just keep using in London?

    • Basically it’s down to emmissions, London is a Low Emmissions Zone, other areas are not. There are more buses in London and its right that they have stricter controls, but it does also help in the run up to 2015/17, in getting every registered local bus service accessible, that the buses from London are being cascaded.

      • So are they building buses now that won’t meet the emission standards in 5 years time? Is that what you mean? I can understand them taking older buses off that don’t meet the standards now, but assuming the standards have been defined X years in advance, and they’re custom-designing this new fleet of buses, then can’t they get these new buses so they’re “right” for the next 10 years or whatever?

        Just seems silly for them to be designing for such an apparently short life (in London, at least), unless I’m completely misunderstanding the situation.

        • We’re taking buses that are 15 years old or older, when the criteria that we’re now building to didn’t exist in anything other than paper and in labs… But the buses other than the Boris Bus are available and sold to companies nationwide, these vehicles that are being cascaded out of London now are not specific to London. The worry is that the Boris Blunder Bus comes along and suddenly we get a drop in vehicles that are affordable to the smaller operator – the secondhand market. What happens to the Blunder Bus once its come to the end of its life? Where does it go? Do you see my point? I know sometimes I need to write it a little more eloquently 😉

  2. The same place as all of the Routemasters; to the Commonwealth. Designline has just closed it’s doors here in Chch NZ (they build for worldwide markets), and so a very good bus company has left the market. Xhong-Tong from China are starting to appear here, but are proving to be unreliable and unpopular. Britain’s secondhand market should be fine, and the BBB is free to travel to all the cities in the world with a Victoria Park and a Coronation Street.

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