Balancing an Inert Gas

I somehow knew last night that I would have a concept of if the Sunrise Quickie Xenon would be the definitive wheelchair for me… I felt confident, because I’d had a comfortable weekend…

This morning, the lack of brake on the left because we hadn’t re-tracked it did my head in.  It was horrible taking down hill because my bag got caught in the wheel.  The foot bar kept coming off. By the time I got to my desk, the 3 inch casters had really annoyed me and I really wasn’t in the mood.

Throughout the day, the bar coming off kept annoying me.  But the cap on the day was getting off the train – it didn’t work – the chair, with the really short wheelbase, nearly dropped me down the gap between the train and the platform edge…

At 18:30, I’d had enough and I really wasn’t sure if this is the chair for me. 

Sunrise, take note – if you supply a demonstrator, supply one with slightly bigger casters, handles and a decent foot rest.

I now feel pretty down about the whole experience. I wanted to try a chair that could revolutionise my life… instead, I feel like I tried a chair that would make my life harder to live than ever.

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